Sushi For Beginners

Sushi is no longer just reserved for the Japanese as there are numerous sushi restaurants in major cities across the world. Sushi has become a popular meal choice especially in Rotterdam restaurant for many people looking to looking to dine with friends. There are high chances that you might be invited by some friends for sushi.

Common types of sushi

Maki rollMaki roll

Typically known as Maki, this meal is made by rolling sushi rice and fish variety in a seaweed known as nori. It is shaped in a cylindrical manner and then cut into smaller disk-shaped sizes that you can bite. Most restaurants will provide various maki rolls made with different ingredients and are usually considered great for sharing.

Hand roll

This type of roll is cone shaped and is made by rolling wrapping sushi rice with various ingredients. It is suitable for eating with your hands and is more of an individual meal rather than for sharing.


These are sushi rice made into oval balls that are topped with fresh slices of raw fish. You can order egg or shrimp nigiri if you are wary of the raw fish. Nigiri is one of the simple options and one order usually comes with two pieces of sushi.

Tekka maki

They are smaller and usually have one ingredient(thus, they are known as mini maki rolls). Maguro (tuna), cucumber and yellow pickled vegetable are known as takuan are some of the common tekka maki rolls.


This is nigiri but without rice. It consists of slices of raw fish that is taken with soy sauce.
Understanding sushi for beginners should not be difficult in any way. Now when it comes to trying out sushi options on the menu, it is important that you begin with seafood that will be comfortable for you.

How to begin

Try first cooked options

Fortunately, not all sushi fish is raw. Restaurants will always make rolls from items that are cooked like maki.

Start with the familiar option

Sushi has no big difference from eating fish. Sushi is just not cooked. The taste of raw salmon is almost the same as smoked one. You will find fish that you may have encountered before in the restaurant.

Let the chef omakasehelp you

You can always seek recommendations from a sushi chef as they are always willing to help. However, there is dining choice (omakase) where the chef decides for you. This can be a bad idea especially if you are not sure on what you want.

There is no specific way to approach sushi eating for any beginner due to different tastes and preferences. Just adjust to what you like and find what comfortable you is. And with time, you may be able to as for chef’s choice (omakse).