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Prom Dress Shopping Ideas

If there is a day most students dream about is when they graduate into the real world. The night before the big day, prom night, it is the opportune time to rejoice, recount experiences, share memories and shine. Most girls spend their time thinking about what they will wear during this special night. If you are preparing for a prom night, here are some dress designs you should consider based on your body type.

Hourglass Body

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The hourglass is the ideal body shape for any woman. For those that lucky enough to have this coveted body shape, you need a prom dress that makes you look even better. Since you have a proportional body, go for a dress that accentuates your waistline helps you achieve some balance between your upper and lower body. If you have an hourglass shape, a prom dresses that suits this body shape include; mermaid dresses, sleeveless dresses, or V-neck bodice.

Triangle or Pear Body

Most women work to make their hips more pronounced than their upper body. In most cases, they do not fall in line with hips, something that makes this body shape to be referred to as the ‘pear’ shape. If you are shopping for a prom dress and you have a triangular body shape, and you are looking for a prom dress, go for a form-fitting bodice. You can also go for either a long or short line dress.

Inverted Triangle

Women with this body shape are known to have a broad upper body and narrow hips. The waistline, unlike that observed in other body types, it is not well defined. The good thing about this body type is that you can always create an illusion of having a defined body type depending on the type of dress that you choose. A-Line, princess, and ball gown dresses are some of the best options for women with this type of body.

happy womanApple-Shaped Body

Ladies with an apple-shaped body are known to have a substantial upper body. If this is where your strength lies, you should look for a dress that shows off this area, and at the same time, drive some attention from your waistline which might not be well defined. So you should consider going for a long dress such a ball gown or dresses with empire line cuts.

By now, you certainly have an idea of the type of prom dress to buy when shopping at Abiballkleider von Prestije Mode Berlin. With the right dress, it becomes a lot easier to focus on other fashion details.