Different Types of Hosting

There are lots of hosting choices that are available at our disposal. It is possible to either get a free hosting or a commercial one. There are instances whereby you can enjoy free hosting services while someone else may spend hundreds of dollars for the same service. In some instances, the free hosting options offer more email addresses, storage, and bandwidth as compared to the commercial hosting. Visit for the different types of hosting. The blog is going to discuss the different types of hosting.

Types of hosting

Shared hosting

The shared hosting is the most affordable and popular hosting option. With this type of hosting, an individual laptop and phonerents space on a shared server together with the other website owners. What this means is that the individuals share resources like the processing power, memory, and bandwidth just but to mention a few.

This, however, can be a problem since a single server can be programmed to support thousands of websites. Shared hosting is ideal for individuals and persons with small businesses. With the shared hosting they can share different resources with the other clients. Not all the shared hosting is, however, the same.

Virtual Private Server

A virtual private server is a great option for individuals or businesses that have succeeded the power that is offered by a shared hosting plan. The VPS hosting provides a much more exceptional performance because fewer websites are using one server. It provides full control of the server of your business. As much as the VPS is not a physical server, it is a physical server regarding management. You can attend to the particular needs of your server on this platform.


The cloud hosting is similar to the virtual private server. However, the server is not the same as the physical machine. The primary difference is that as for cloud hosting the hosting is distributed among many computers. This has resulted in this hosting being extremely scalable and stable. If your website is lagging as a result of bandwidth, then you can increase the bandwidth by a flip of a switch.


seo serviceThe dedicated hosting will provide you with a perfect platform to complete the unfettered access to the physical server.

It is useful in the powering of the compound applications and the advanced scripts. It also provides the highest level of security and server customization possible.