Cricket Bats

Kookaburra Cricket Bats Features

Kookaburra is one of the world’s renowned cricket brands. Their uniqueness and expertise in product designs have made most cricket players prefer them. Most of kookaburra cricket products are handmade. This involves a lot of craftsmanship that ensures quality products that are appreciated by the players. Here are some of the unique features of kookaburra cricket bats. These features help you improve your game.


LightweightCricket Bat

As much as any manufacturer will strive to maximize on the profile features of a cricket bat, they have to keep it as light as possible. A light weight cricket bar is always the preference of all cricket players. Kookaburra bat makers have perfected their skills to produce bigger cricket bats with enhanced features but light in weight.

Power drive handles

The bat handle is very important in a cricket game. If the material and texture of the handle are compromised, then it will give the player a difficult time. Kookaburra makes use of different types of rods to ensure that the bond between the handle and the cricket is reinforced. The texture of the rod is also meant to enhance the grip when swinging the bat. All these design considerations are meant to ensure maximum power transfer when taking a shot.

Angled toe

All cricket bats made by Kookaburra are slightly bent at the toe. This is a design consideration that is meant to allow the hand position to be slightly ahead of the blade. This hand position is preferred by many cricket players since it is considered to be comfortable.

Unique face profiles

Kookabbat urra usually designs their bats using two face profiles. The flat face profile is meant to level off the striking area and the same time allows for most of the mass to be retained at the hind edges of the bat. Having most of the mass behind the striking area gives the bat a better profile and allows for maximum power transfer when taking a shot. The round face profile is mostly preferred by the traditional players because it is easy to control.

Enhanced spine and edge

The increased edge profiles of Kookaburra cricket equipment have made them become popular. This is because they help to minimize power losses that are brought about by off-center strikes. The edges measure up to about 41 mm depending on the weight and profile of the bat. On the other hand, the spines measure up to 64 mm. All these enhanced features allow for maximum power generation when taking a shot.