woman with dental implant result

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants act as an anchor for a dental gap or crown. Dental implants are considered as the first choice and standard of care for replacing or restoring a Missing tooth. A dental implant isn’t a short-term fix. When placed correctly and cared for properly, dental implants can last a lifetime. You’ll never have to worry about undergoing the procedure time and again.

Advantages of dental implants

An alternative to natural teethdental implant

A dental implant is strong and very stable. It, therefore, restores your lost tooth/teeth to look, feel fit, and function like a natural tooth. As compared to other options that lead to bone deterioration and also interfere with eating, speaking, or smiling, a dental implant is a much effective alternative.

Maintains a Healthy Jawbone

Because of the spaces left after tooth loss, the jawbone may start deteriorating, and this can lead to bone resorption and reduced jawbone height. Covering these spaces with dental implants is the most effective way to protect the jawbone.

Retain Your Natural Face Shape

Loose-fitting dentures or tooth loss can cause the face to appear sunken, saggy, and sad. They can also cause premature wrinkles as a result of the sunken and saggy look. Dental implants can control/improve facial contours and restore your natural face shape.

Help Improve Your Appearance

Dental implants are placed to look just like natural teeth. They are attached to the jawbone and they work like the natural teeth we have. Dental implants can reduce the load on the remaining teeth by offering support and retention to crowns, over-dentures, and bridgework. You’ll have a stronger and more stable dental structure.

Restore Ydental implant resultour Smile and Speech

Missing teeth can be a very big problem especially if the front teeth are affected. Dental implants replace the missing teeth helping you achieve better speech and also a confident and beautiful smile. Sliding dentures or lost teeth can make it difficult for you to chew food. Because dental implants are placed to function just like your teeth, you can chew food much more comfortably.

Restore Your Self-Esteem and Boost Your Self-Confidence

With dental implants, you can no longer feel embarrassed speaking to people or while smiling. You’ll feel more confident than before, and your self-esteem will be restored. Implants make it easy for you to clean and maintain your teeth, just as you would do with natural teeth. You just have to floss and brush regularly.